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17 Interiors is a boutique interior design studio that offers complete interior design solutions for discerning clientele.   We specialize in creating sophisticated, well-functioning interiors with timeless appeal and understated, livable luxury. Our comprehensive, client-centric approach focuses on understanding each client's unique needs and specific desires for how they want their space to look, feel and function. We strive to create thoughtfully-curated, intimately personal and inspiring environments that reflect who the client is and what they treasure - a place where true contentment and joy is experienced effortlessly.

We invite you to experience our difference.



Full Service Design 17 interiors
Full Service Design

Our signature service is a highly personalized, thoughtfully curated, and meticulously managed luxury service. Whether you're embarking on a new construction, undergoing a renovation, or refreshing your spaces with new furniture and decor, we take charge of every aspect of your project, collaborating with architects, contractors and tradespersons, ensuring a seamless design journey from inception to completion. Our comprehensive approach delivers the ultimate turn-key experience for our clients.

hourly design consultation 17 interiors
Hourly Design Consultation

Our hourly design consultation packages were created to be able to meet the needs of clients who desire expert design advice and direction outside of our signature full service design.

Hawaii Life Concierge Service 17 interiors
Hawaii Life Concierge Service

For our non-resident clients, we provide personalized and indispensable concierge services that extend before, during, and after your stay in your vacation home. Our dedicated team takes care of various matters, allowing you to channel your valuable time towards the pure enjoyment of your days in your idyllic home in paradise.


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